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Alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juice are most likely to connect with Cialis, so make certain you restrict the intake of these items. Most of the times the clients that are dealt with for the first time are suggested 10 mg of this medication, but this could be different if your medical service provider believes you need a higher or lesser dose of this medicine.

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Tell your medical provider about any type of health care troubles you have specifically renal system disease, energetic tummy ulcers, Peyronie's illness, fibrosis/scarring, sickle cell anemia, liver illness, coronary canal illness, history of painful/prolonged erection, eye troubles, penis angulation, hemorrhaging ailments, recent movement, or blood system cancers. In situation of having an unusually long (over 4 hours) erection seek immediate medical aid, as this could be a case of priapism - a disorder that might cause a lasting trauma of the penis.